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Deals (DMG0) main hand weapon [SC_SKILLTIPS_DMG|Physical Light Damage] per second and stuns the target for (Buff4-Time) seconds.
If the target has the Holy Seal effect, it will deal additional (DMG-500946) to (DMG-500949) [SC_SKILLTIPS_DMG|Physical Light Damage] and increase the stun effect time by (Buff-Time-500248) to (Buff8-Time) seconds.

Each Holy Seal increases Light damage by (DMG-500946) and the stun effect time by (Buff4-Time) seconds.
It can be stacked up to 4 times.

When the target is hit, the caster's movement speed will be increased by (Buff0-502101)% for (Buff-Time-502101) seconds.

(This skill stat will increase and decrease based on equipment and target strength)

cast: 0 (delay: 0)
hits: 1 (delay 1)
140: 502100
4: Shock Stun 500247
8: Shock Stun 500259
9: Shock Stun 500253
10: Shock Stun 500249
11: Shock Stun 500248