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Sys420238_nameMysterious Mushrooms
Sys420238_shortnoteNadaseez wants a kind of dark blue mushroom with orange spots on it. Help Nadaseez collect 12 [<S>200709|Mysterious Mushrooms].
Sys420238_szquest_accept_detailDo you know of a dark blue mushroom with orange spots on it? It is not an edible mushroom... Of course I wouldn't eat it! But it has other purposes. \n\nThis kind of mushroom grows in the northern part of the [ZONE_KIRANA|Woodland of Qilana]. You can usually find them under trees or among shrubs. But it is too dangerous here for me. I don't dare to leave the safety of this research camp. Can you get 20 [<S>200709|Mysterious Mushrooms] for me?\n\nIf you do find this kind of mushroom, remember not to eat it. You would suffer horrible consequences if you do.
Sys420238_szquest_complete_detailI think I must be frank with you. \n\nActually these mushrooms are known as [<S>200709|Mysterious Mushrooms]. They say that smelling just a whiff of powder made from these mushrooms will cause you to pass out immediately. If you eat too much of it by mistake, your entire body will become paralyzed, and apparently there is no cure for it. \n\nI didn't tell you about these mushrooms because I was worried that if you knew my intentions, you would refuse to help me...\n\nYou see, when I was 16, my mother began getting weaker and weaker because she had to to endure my evil stepfather [110671|Paras]. In the end, she passed away, leaving behind me and my sister [110038|Shanjana]...\n\nAfter that, [110671|Paras] became even more unbearable. Not only did he abuse us on a regular basis and treated [110038|Shanjana] like a slave. Though I wanted to escape together with her, she was unwilling to leave, no matter how hard I tried to persuade her. \n\nSo I slipped away one moonless night because I wanted to find this kind of mushroom to make an anesthetic. If [110671|Paras] passes out from smelling it, [110038|Shanjana] will be able to escape without worrying about her safety.
Sys420238_szquest_descHelp [110027|Nadaseez] gather 20 dark blue [<S>200709|Mysterious Mushrooms]. They are dark blue with orange spots.
Sys420238_szquest_uncomplete_detailI need dark blue mushrooms with orange spots. Don't forget, you cannot eat them!