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Sys421458_nameBattle for Mystery
Sys421458_szquest_accept_detailYou're here just in time! This matter is extremely serious. We just received word that the tomb of the Minotaur chief on top of [ZONE_SNOWHORN|Snowhorn] contains runes that have been sealed inside since ancient times, including the extremely powerful Mystery Rune. The bad news is that an Eye of Wisdom agent dispatched by the Zurhidon's [101022|Samoge] has learned of this and already reported back to him... [101022|Samoge] is extremely ambitious. He wants all these power runes for himself, so he sent his own trusted servant ahead. \n\n\n\nAfter we discovered what had happened we caught up with him and fought, but I'm sorry to say. ..[101022|Samoge] was just too good. ..but overcoming so many obstacles and seals must have drained a lot of his power. We have to think of a way of stopping him!
Sys421458_szquest_complete_detailOh! Thanks a million! How can we ever repay you? We have exorcised the [101219|Spirit of Samoge] and returned it to his body. Now we can interrogate [101022|Samoge] carefully. Who knows, he may even spill some Zurhidon secrets. To thank you for your hard work the Eye of Wisdom has decided to present you with a [202820|Certificate of Extraordinary Contribution]! \n\nThat's right! If you've found some strange or unknown fragments you can use [203266|Rune Identification Scroll] to assess them. To those brave souls who took part in the arrest of [101022|Samoge] the Eye of Wisdom will allocate one piece each. Have a look for yourself- there are definitely a few power rune fragments there! For special runes like the "Mystery" Rune, the Eye of Wisdom has established a special donation mechanism to compensate contributors. You may direct questions regarding the particulars of contribution and compensation to [111446|Lori Hellakar], the emissary from the Eye of Wisdom standing by my side. Take this certificate along and Lori will present you with your well-deserved reward. After all, we're all trying to make this a better world! Thanks! I look forward to hearing about your future exploits!
Sys421458_szquest_descProceed towards the [ZONE_MYSTIC ALTAR|Mystic Altar] and prevent [101022|Samoge] from snatching Mystery.
Sys421458_szquest_uncomplete_detailWhat's going on? I can feel the power of the rune seal slowly waning. You must hurry to stop [101022|Samoge]!