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Sys421628_nameSpecial Contributor
Sys421628_szquest_accept_detailHello, I am [111446|Lori Hellakar], envoy of the Eye of Wisdom. My specialty is the management of the Eye of Wisdom's contributions and rewards. Any brave souls who participate in the arrest of [101022|Samoge] receive a [203266|Rune Identification Scroll] from the Eye of Wisdom to help with the identification of their rune fragments. If you find a rare, special rune fragment, I will assist with the arrangement of the related contributions and rewards.
Sys421628_szquest_complete_detailThe Eye of Wisdom thanks you for your contribution! This is a [203266|Rune Identification Scroll]. It has the magical ability to distinguish the types of hitherto unknown runes. Give it a try if you are holding a [203034|Mysterious Rune Fragment]! If your runes are determined to be very rare and very special you can donate them to the Eye of Wisdom.
Sys421628_szquest_descReceive the [203266|Rune Identification Scroll].