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SC_ 422830King of the Water, [113633|Narfas] asked me to borrow the [206172|Cleansing Stone] from you.
SC_ 422830_1[206172|Cleansing Stone]? Do you know what manner of thing it is?\n\n([112506|Polython] stares at you. When he sees you nod, his look grows even more severe)\n\nOkay then. I'll lend it to you! You're not like the other conceited and ignorant whelps. The Divine Envoy chose wisely. But bear in mind, once used, it will transform a creature's feelings entirely. The change is also permanent.\nUse it wisely.
Sys422830_nameCleansing Stone
Sys422830_szquest_accept_detail[$PLAYERNAME], it isn't hard to make a person forget past memories.\n\nCoincidently, the [206172|Cleansing Stone] on [112506|Polython] can do this, but to forget the most difficult memories of one's past requires an equally strong feeling to make up for the lost memories.\n\nIf [113691|Tiyana's] love for [113673|Androth] is deep enough and her hatred for me is just as deep, then we could use her hatred for me to replace her memories for [113673|Androth], gradually calming her broken soul so it is no longer so angry. I hope to do this. I don't want to see any more life driven mad and destroyed by her.\n\n[$PLAYERNAME], time is running out. When you go to [112506|Polython] to get the [206172|Cleansing Stone], I'll make the [206173|Reality Stone] as fast as I can.\n\nHurry up! I'll wait for you here!
Sys422830_szquest_complete_detailI've already made the [206173|Reality Stone]. Bring the [206172|Cleansing Stone] to me...\n\nA fateful battle is about to begin.
Sys422830_szquest_desc[113633|Narfas] of [ZONE_GRAVE OF HEROES|Hero's Tomb] wants you to go ask [112506|Polython] of the [ZONE_THRONE OF THE WATER|Throne of the Water] for the [206172|Cleansing Stone].
Sys422830_szquest_uncomplete_detailWhen you go get the [206172|Cleansing Stone] from [112506|Polython], I'll make the [206173|Reality Stone] as quickly as I can. You need not worry.