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SC_423037_0Come... Let's get going!
SC_423037_1Have you prepared all the supplies?
SC_423037_10You scoundrels! Remember this!
SC_423037_11We won!
SC_423037_12Victory! We won!
SC_423037_13At long last... After losing so many lives... Tears and blood have led us to a lasting victory.
SC_423037_14My companions, let us return to the village. We must treat the sick and wounded. We can also bring the good news back for everyone to hear!
SC_423037_2[103293|Luke Ponzi], these are not important in the least. This time is all about me testing the limits of increasing my strength.
SC_423037_3I can't wait to see the blood drain from Lance's face. I want to make him regret that he ever humiliated me.
SC_423037_4In that case, after cleaning out the food and supplies, we will lay waste to the village. What about that?
SC_423037_5Hahaha... Good suggestion. So be it then. Just make sure to start the massacre by cutting down these people in front of us.
SC_423037_6Collect their heads so that we can set them up just outside [ZONE_DAELANIS|Dalanis] city, each and every one of them.
SC_423037_7They won't make it, let us charge!
SC_423037_8Damned dirty scoundrel! [103293|Luke Ponzi]! Fight them!
SC_423037_9Sir, survival is the highest priority. Let's get out of here!
Sys423037_nameKey Battle
Sys423037_szquest_accept_detailThe arranged time is almost here. They'll arrive here soon to collect the supplies. I hope they can make it. Hmm... Or else we'll need to fight them head on.\n\nWhat a curious feeling it is to have to trust strangers. It makes me feel helpless.\n\nAdventurer, let us welcome this fight. I won't blame you if you decide to run off mid-way through.\n\nWait...I hear footsteps, I hope you've steeled yourself.
Sys423037_szquest_complete_detailAlthough the village is temporarily unthreatened, this is not the end.\n\nYou let me see the other side of the Lionheart Knights. You let me see hope for the future.\n\nWe were unable to trust the Lionheart Knights. Even though they showed much enthusiasm...far water does not put out a close fire.\n\nWe always show restraint in order to live, but now we want to give our trust to the Lionheart Knights once again.
Sys423037_szquest_desc[114453|Felius Gerwent] of [ZONE_BAYRO_VILLAGE|Engwor] wants you to go forth with him to kill their enemies.
Sys423037_szquest_uncomplete_detailThe sound of footsteps is getting closer and closer, looks like we'll need to fight them head on.