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Sys424072_nameSecure the Supply Line
Sys424072_szquest_accept_detailThose [<S>105409|Infernal Machines] roaming about [ZONE_BROKEN_GROUNDS|Deliya's Realm] are a major obstacle for the supply line. \n\nThey are very agile and extremely destructive, which makes them a difficult enemy to deal with. Anyone who enters their area will suffer the consequences. So every time our Supply Team crosses [ZONE_BROKEN_GROUNDS|Deliya's Realm], they need a lot of manpower to withstand the attacks from the creatures. \n\nYou are one of the most capable members of the adventure team. Please go and help eliminate the [<S>105409|Infernal Machines] so the supply team can quickly pass through [ZONE_BROKEN_GROUNDS|Deliya's Realm] and safely deliver supplies to the camp.
Sys424072_szquest_complete_detailNow the safety and smooth use of the supply line are ensured. You've done well. \n\nHowever, I still have some things I need you to do.
Sys424072_szquest_desc[117807|Kelven Fayong] hopes you can destroy 3 [<S>105409|Infernal Machines].
Sys424072_szquest_uncomplete_detailIn order to ensure that supplies can be safely transported to camp, you must hurry and eliminate those troublesome [<S>105409|Infernal Machines]. \n\nOtherwise everyone in the camp will go hungry and there will be no medicine to treat injuries.