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Sys424073_nameArrogant Researcher
Sys424073_szquest_accept_detailThe Ailic's Researcher in the camp, [117799|Chafftis Longhair], made a request to me a few days ago. He wanted me to send someone to help him bring back [105409|Infernal Machine] parts. What I didn't expect is that after he saw the wreckage he would simply grunt at me and walk away, shaking his head. \n\n([117807|Kelven Fayong] clenches his fists tightly.) \n\nTwo men were injured trying to fulfill his request, and this is how he reacts. Members of the Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild are not employees of the Ailic's Community. We don't have to stand for this. \n\nTake this wreckage to him and this as well. It is a bill from the Silvershadow Adventurers' Guild. When he submitted his request, he agreed to pay us some money. Let's see how he reacts to that.
Sys424073_szquest_complete_detail(He looks at the item in your hand and suddenly goes into a rage.) \n\nWhy are you giving this to me? I don't want this! Now what is this? A bill?! \n\nThat guy didn't get what I wanted. What right does he have to ask me for money?! If he wants me to pay, I will. You bring me back the items I asked for and then I will pay!
Sys424073_szquest_descTake the [209277|Infernal Machine Wreckage] to [117799|Chafftis Longhair].
Sys424073_szquest_uncomplete_detailWhat are you doing? If there is nothing else important than don't bother me.