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Sys426354_nameFixing the Armored Tank
Sys426354_szquest_accept_detailMany tanks were damaged in the [ZONE_FLAMING_WILDERNESS|Flaming Wastelands]. We just can't repair them fast enough! \n\nIt's bad enough that I can't even go into battle, but, on top of that, I'm up to my ears here in repair orders. I too have a dream to charge the front lines, guns blazing!\n\n([122221|Wolftooth Sonchy] babbles on in trepidation)\n\nGood Knight, please lend me your aid! It's just some simple jobs. Go to the forest and collect some [242591|Giant Grey Wood], dig some [<S>242592|Hard Iron Blocks] from the cliffs, and collect the skin of a [107701|Fiery Anteater]. When the next battle comes round, we don't want to be lagging behind.
Sys426354_szquest_complete_detailMaster Knight is most reliable. Now I can proceed with the repair work.
Sys426354_szquest_descHelp [122221|Wolftooth Sonchy] collect the materials to fix the armored carts.
Sys426354_szquest_uncomplete_detailI can't fix these carts as fast as they are being destroyed. I'm almost at a complete loss!