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UI+Sys (0)Rare Plate Armor of the Citadel: 1x227174 (8.337%)
Rare Chainmail Shoulder Guards of the Western Wreck: 1x227179 (8.333%)
Rare Long Trousers of the Horn: 1x228055 (8.333%)
Rare Leg Guards of the Citadel: 1x227175 (8.333%)
Rare Leather Armor of the East Coast Camp: 1x227180 (8.333%)
Rare Cloth Shoulder Guards of the Horn: 1x228056 (8.333%)
Rare Shoulder Plates of the Citadel: 1x227176 (8.333%)
Rare Leather Pants of the East Coast Camp: 1x228052 (8.333%)
Rare Chainmail Armor of the Western Wreck: 1x227177 (8.333%)
Rare Leather Shoulderpads of the East Coast Camp: 1x228053 (8.333%)
Rare Leggings of the Western Wreck: 1x227178 (8.333%)
Rare Cloth Robe of the Horn: 1x228054 (8.333%)